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    I just joined this forum, so first, hello everyone.

    Now onto business......

    I have a t-mobile g2 on family mobile.

    2 days ago I had a power outage at my home and since then a red light appears when the screen is on. the light goes off when the screen locks and turns off.

    It is not the charging light. the charging light is on the right side face of the phone inside the mesh that protects the earpiece.

    This light is on the left side face of the phone. The proximity sensor doesnt seem to work now either.
    I am guessing the proximity sensor is in our around the same location.
    Now that there is a light shining where the sensor is located that might prevent it from working.

    Anyone else ever hear of this?

    Is the proximity sensor where I am describing? Upper Left corner of the face of the phone?


    02-25-2012 11:17 PM