1. tck90k's Avatar
    not sure if anyone knows this but

    i jut got back from my local Tmobile store and the rep said that they can start selling the phones tomorrow ..since Radio Shack is . I almost persuaded him to give it to me today ...but some bs that the barcode wont scan until tomorrow
    10-02-2010 02:20 PM
  2. denness544's Avatar
    I hope that's true. I will check it out tomorrow.
    10-02-2010 05:12 PM
  3. rbonnerjr's Avatar
    Just called my local tmobile store and they are selling them tomorrow was going to go to Radio shack but they didnt get any in stock....
    10-02-2010 08:32 PM
  4. tck90k's Avatar
    bought mine yesterday at a store and i have to say this phone just dosent do it for me...my hinge is loose and only has 1.2 gb of rom so i will play with it for the 14 days and return it and wait for the Mytouch HD
    10-04-2010 07:36 AM