1. alekaras's Avatar
    Folks, I have read through all the postings I can find about how to add a pause to a number and the majority of folks indicate that entering a comma will cause the dialer to pause before dialing the rest of the numbers. I'm using a G2 and this has not worked for me.

    I tried using the letter w (for wait) or p (for pause) as some people have suggested, but that also doesn't work. I get a message "Connection problem or invalid MMI code" when I dial the number.

    Any suggestions?

    10-14-2010 04:45 PM
  2. MAC20's Avatar
    use a comma... i believe each comma is 3 or 5 seconds... i just used a number yesterday with pauses for my bank... and it works just had to tweak it cause i had the same number on my Blackberry and for some reason the pause time between the 2 phones are different.
    10-15-2010 11:54 AM
  3. alekaras's Avatar
    OK, it actually works with the commas. What threw me off was the absence of dial tones after the pause. It seems they being sent "silently." Thanks.
    10-16-2010 02:06 PM
  4. MAC20's Avatar
    no problem, anytime
    10-18-2010 10:56 AM