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    So 3 days ago I bought a brand new G2 off cragislist (still had all the peel off stickers) for 200. The guy said he had it replaced by t-mobile cause his old phone didn't send mms or something. His daughter bought him a newer phone so he decided to sell this one. Anyway, he gave me his old battery and battery cover since tmo didn't include it.

    when I first got it the battery life was terrible, and I didn't even have the data plan hooked up yet. After connecting to my wifi and surfing/downloading apps, about 10% drained in less than a few minutes. I let it drop to 30% and charged it fully (first time). The first thing I noticed was that it was kinda "stuck" at 100% for a while... then it dropped to about 96% and started draining from there. I then made sure to turn all the data and wifi off and went to sleep when it was at 78%. Woke up 8 hours later and it dropped to 71.

    Now my question is, should I have charged it all the way, then played with it til it died, then recharge it again? Or is that unnecessary since the battery is old anyway and it doesn't matter if its a new phone?

    After a few more charges, it seems like the battery is a bit better but I'd still like for it to last longer. I still feel like I'm getting inaccurate readings though. Still gets stuck at 100%, then at 70%. Should I let it die all the way to calibrate the battery?

    Also, I heard rooting the phone and flashing the cm7 rom will improve battery life, is that true? Cause I had the mytouch3G a while ago so I'm sorta familiar with the rooting process but I didn't notice any battery improvements.


    edit: the phone came with the 2.3.3 firmware
    06-19-2011 12:21 PM
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    Its dying because of all the stock apps that are running such as Amazon Mp3, Photobucket, Voice search etc. Unfortunately the only way to keep these from running is to root it so you can disable it. You can't uninstall these apps and if you try to force close, it will still show up. I had this exact problem.
    06-29-2011 03:52 PM
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    Try battery widget pro, it let's you recalibrate the widgert battery to give you a WAY better read on the amount of time you have on it!

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    07-20-2011 04:53 AM
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    calibrating the battery is very hit and miss. It has not been a proven way to increase battery life. The reason why it's "sticking" at 100% then dropping rapidly is because the way that the firmware interacts with the battery. Anything above 90% is considered a "full charge" according to the firmware, so it may seem like you're at 100% for longer than the battery actually is.

    For improving battery life, just go with the normal things. Turn down or off syncing on things you don't need, turn off GPS/Bluetooth/WiFi when not in use, use auto-brightness or manually set it lower than full. Uninstall apps that are keeping the phone awake that you're not using, and don't use a task killer as they drain battery as well.

    And yes, rooting will generally improve battery life, because you will be able to uninstall unnecessary stock applications you wouldn't normally be able to edit. Not to mention that if you run a custom ROM they are often highly customizable and optimized for performance and battery life.

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is that there's not one single thing to improve battery life. Its a lot of different things. You should also keep in mind that whenever you get a new phone you're going to be playing and tinkering with it more than usual, and your battery life may seem lower than it would in a regular day to day use case a month down the road.
    08-14-2011 09:08 PM