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    Have looked everywhere for a cifs.ko module that will work with the stock G2X froyo Kernel but have been unsuccessful. Have tried several, even one compiled for the LG G2 but it didn't work either. Any time I try to insmod any of the cifs.ko files using adb shell it returns an Exec Format Error.

    I prefer not to install other ROMs as the phone doesn't have any issues and works great. Well, to be honest after a month of using it, out of no where, it would reboot anytime the notification bar was swiped. I did a factory reset and it's been great since (4 months ago), with no problems at all.

    I am simply trying to mount cifs shares so that I can stream content (music, video) from my server. It sucks this isn't enabled by default on a "stock" Android phone.

    I'm a total noob to android and linux but am not averse to learning how to build the cifs.ko module myself if necessary.


    Model: LG-P999
    Android Version: 2.2.2
    Kernel Version:
    Build Number: FRG83G
    Software Version: LG-P999-V10f
    10-04-2011 08:38 PM

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