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    This is the link stating the OTA for V21y starts today from T-Mobile.

    Support: Software update: T-Mobile G2x
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    04-23-2012 05:34 PM
  2. hawklet00's Avatar
    if you like to use custom roms, youll want to stay away from this until the devs make the new baseband that is included with this update play nice with thier respective roms
    04-23-2012 10:55 PM
  3. cordsig79's Avatar
    What does the e versus y update mean if anything?
    04-26-2012 08:01 AM
  4. Rirruto's Avatar
    From LG:
    New software build for G2x starts OTA today!
    OS: Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

    NO. Subject Details
    1 Camera UI Video recording options improvement Added additional resolution options:
    Rear camera :
    Android native UI was : High/Low/MMS/YouTube
    Improved options now: Full HD(1920*1088) / HD(1289*720) / TV(720*480) / VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240) / QCIF(176*144)
    Front Facing Camera :
    Android native UI was: High/Low/MMS/YouTube
    Improved options now: VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240) / QCIF(176*144)
    2 Improved device stability nVidia patches and other improvements applied to improve stability.

    3 Display Screen Resolved the following scenarios;
    During YouTube video play, reset or Backlight off.
    TV output is blinking after connecting a HDMI during a video recording
    Displayed sorry pop-up when send MMS attached image file with no name.
    Phone sleep -> inserting headset -> LCD ON by pressing power key -> No headset icon displayed
    4 Audio improvements
    Resolved the following scenarios;
    Voice is not heard from Receiver when headset is disconnected during a Call.
    Ringtone was not routed to Bluetooth device.
    Updated DTMF behavior to support certain IVR systems
    DTMF tones not recognized when using loudspeaker at max volume.
    5 Navigation improvement Resolved scenario where device takes long time to get GPS position.
    Resolved scenario where device would reset when acquiring GPS location.
    6 Apply Google security patches Various Google security patches applied.
    7 Swype version update
    Updated Swype IME to Version

    From T-Mo
    Support: Software update: T-Mobile G2x
    Android version 2.3/ Software version P999-V21y

    Android version 2.3 / Software version P999-V21y
    Over-The-Air Update(30.5 MB) and Manual update via LG website
    Approved 4/23/12
    Random reboot/power off fixed
    Device stability improvements
    Wi-Fi Calling improvements
    Boot up fixes
    04-26-2012 08:21 AM
  5. Rirruto's Avatar
    Has anyone installed this update yet? If so, did it take away the free wifi tethering capability?
    04-30-2012 01:24 PM
  6. BocaDog's Avatar
    Got my update today from T-Mo. I just got about 5 programs give an error message that the updates failed due to lack of space. I have 400 MB free on my phone and 3.8 GB free on my SD card.
    05-04-2012 12:10 PM
  7. Domestoboto92x's Avatar
    "Connection failed caused by authentication error."

    05-11-2012 05:21 AM
  8. rizzman's Avatar
    "Connection failed caused by authentication error."

    Good luck with that. I had that error since day freaking one and no one, neither Tmo or lg could figure out how to fix it. So I held on to this device for 11 months with that error and was never able to dl any updates ota. Once I heard that this update was only going to be ota I knew I was sol...so I decide to just junk the phone and get a gnex. I am soo glad I will never have to deal with the g2x, or lg for that matter, ever again. Good riddance. After getting my gnex I keep wondering why i put up with the g2x for so long. Lg no more.
    05-12-2012 10:59 AM
  9. JFetch's Avatar
    I never got the OTA. How are they leaving people out of updates?
    05-14-2012 05:12 PM
  10. rizzman's Avatar
    Go figure. what a shock LG would mess something up like this. LG no more.
    05-14-2012 05:36 PM
  11. GTWalling's Avatar
    Go figure. what a shock LG would mess something up like this. LG no more.
    LG had nothing to do with the OTA update being pushed by T-Mobile. It is now available with the LG Updated tool as of Today.
    05-14-2012 07:07 PM
  12. JFetch's Avatar
    I just updated through the LG tool and had no problems. To the person that asked, the wifi tethering is still there and free. I actually don't see any changes so far.

    edit: The video camera is useful again!!! It's not the LG camera app, but it has options again.
    05-14-2012 11:42 PM
  13. Rirruto's Avatar
    I also updated via the LG tool. Didn't get the OTA. Everything seems OK so far. I am getting GPS locks a lot quicker now, less than 5 seconds. In the past, it would take up to 5 minutes. That in itself was worth the update. We will see if it improves battery life and random reboots.
    05-15-2012 08:41 AM
  14. DeerSteak's Avatar
    So how are folks doing with this update? I picked up one on eBay (should arrive tomorrow) as a relatively cheap phone to get me through the rest of my contract, specifically because it just got updated. Cheapest dual-core T-mo compatible phone on eBay. I know it'd been problematic in the past, even with the first GB update.
    05-24-2012 08:47 AM
  15. DeerSteak's Avatar
    Well I've had the phone 24 hours. Used the GPS for around 90 minutes for turn-by-turn directions, made calls, etc. Never used it with anything but v21y and it's been great.

    I have a feeling that when I installed I also got a silent install that fixes everyone's popping audio issue. If you're on v21y and audio is still bad, check this out:

    T-Mobile G2x Update for sound quality
    05-26-2012 07:14 AM