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    I'm sure this has been posted a zillion times. I have searched Google until i'm ready to stomp this phone into the ground. I can only find things that are closely related to my issue. Most of the "can't find files on my SD card" issues are related to finding those files on the SD card while the card is in the phone. My problem is i can't find folders that are on the SD card when connected via USB or otherwise. Maybe i'm searching for the wrong things? Something is pointing me to "show hidden files in file manager" but again that only seems to be relevant when trying to find files through the phone itself.

    Somehow, my phone has itself set up to store my pictures into this folder called camera_external, and as a result i can't copy those files over from my SD card to my PC because i just can't find the folder. Today it took it a step further and stored a video i made in that folder and i really would like to get these files off there as i have pics of my kids on there that are irreplaceable. Please forgive me if this is a total noob question, i'm just at my wits end and i'm seriously about to destroy this phone. It is easily the biggest POS phone i've ever owned.
    10-24-2012 07:34 PM
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    Ok so disregard this thread. I found the pics, but not in Camera_External. You wanna know why i didn't find them there? BECAUSE THAT FOLDER DOESN'T EXIST. This phone is so ed. I found them in DCIM/Camera. So why then, when you click on a picture or video in the Gallery does it say the location is Camera_External? STUPID.
    10-24-2012 08:00 PM

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