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    I am now banging my head on my desk after several hours of trying to resolve this issue.
    Bought phone used a few weeks ago. Every thing has been working fine. Yesterday the phone froze up while answering a call. Now the phone's power button stopped waking up the phone. It will wake up if I plug it into the charger. If I press the volume button, they will move and then the volume control screen freezes onto the screen and the volume control no longer works. I can still navigate (with the volume control frozen on upper portion of the scree) around the phone for a little while, then the phone will reboot at some point without actually going to the Gx2 screen (you know when you boot up it does the LG screen, then the GX2 screen), loading only the LG screen and then quickly loads everything. The phone made a call, but I can't hear anything. If I try to answer a call it freezes. I can't hard reset the phone because it won't go into the boot screen when I press the volume down and power button; as soon as I press the volume down button the phone turns on, then android man out of the box with an arrow comes up with a load bar, then the LG screen comes on and the phone boots up.

    When the phone boots up, if I press the volume keys, it freezes, and then reboots. Power button gives no response.

    Earlier today I updated the software for the phone using the LGMobile Support Tool.

    I am moments away from putting the phone on eBay for parts, but I can't really afford to buy nicer andriod, so I would prefer to fix this one if it is in fact fixable.

    Please help. I am beyond frustrated at this point.
    02-01-2013 10:02 PM

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