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    Just a bit of history: I bought the G2x at T-Mobile a little over a year ago with unlimited everything costing me about $95/month. I loved it, but still loaded it with Cyanogenmod-7 and loved it even more! Then I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0-Plus Wifi and started running this through the Wifi Tethering from the G2x when I was remote from other access points. Great (except for the battery drain)! Then I started using Google Voice a bit more and thought it may work to just port my cell-number into GV and get behind that 100%. Wow! Now, I can drop my cellular voice package and still get service through VoIP! Yea! Then, I'll go with a T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot, and for about $40/month still have the same remote service. Awesome! In fact, the whole system is working scarily well! Good thing too, because my financial future just took a nose-dive! Damn economy! There is a little problem, the tablet does not have a native dialer so I'm using GrooVe IP, but it does not support bluetooth headset control, so I have to pull the tablet physically out of my pocket and out of its case to initiate a call. Damn. Kind of defeats the purpose of the bluetooth headset! Okay, so I still have this great G2x sitting here and thought that somehow, I can pull this back into service? What if I stuff the sim-card for my data-only account into the G2x? Will be able to use it as a data-only device on the T-Mobile network? Will it still work as a Mobile-Hotspot to other devices (the Tab)? Will I be able to initiate calls via the bluetooth headset through its native dialer to GrooVe IP to Google Voice? Or, will I create a black-hole that will suck in the entire planet earth and destroy humanity as we know it? Thoughts?
    05-05-2013 03:45 PM

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