1. Scifigeek4life's Avatar
    I wrote a post not to long ago about a clicky noise when dialing out to anyone except when it was on the wificalling, but I think now I am noticing a few other interesting problems, I noticed today that when I have an incoming call no matter what ring tone I have it set and volume level it rings very low at first and increases to its set volume, the other really annoying thing is the setting to have it adjust automatically for the brightness, it seems to be adjusting very quickly and its weird looking, on my Nexus one when the screen would adjust it did it slowly and smoothly and after it was done it would stop at that level for a little while before adjusting again but on this g2x I see its adjusting like its got no throttle control and almost flickering like crazy in certain light and it does not look smooth when its transitioning to the new adjustments, I would say in certain light if its not dark it will adjust the brightness like 4 or 5 times almost non stop like its trying to find the right adjustment but does not have anything to make it stop these are a few things I noticed I hope LG realizes these issues with hardware if thats what it is and is able to come out with something to fix these minor problems.. or maybe its the OS but I have had 2 other android phones before this and noticed nothing like this no brightness control level problems with the screens and no clicky noise when dialing, like I said also I went to the tmobile store and tested out the one out front on display it was able to dial out and it did the same exact thing, someone needs to address this issue and fix it, I really dont want to return this phone if this is an all around problem maybe I will keep it long enough for these problems to get fixed assuming LG will do something about it. If anyone else is having these same problems I would like to know. One last thing I know others have complained about the screen not turning off after putting the phone down after using it, I have had the phone for about 2 weeks now and today it did that same thing for the first time.. that is another interesting development.. in fact the screen stayed on for about 4 or 5 hours straight and drained my battery down to nothing before I noticed it.
    04-28-2011 10:32 PM
  2. jluxe's Avatar
    I also notice that with the screen brightness set to auto, it seems to adjust way too quickly to the point that it almost flickers in certain conditions.

    you can solve this in the short term by turning screen brightness to a fixed level.
    04-29-2011 12:10 PM
  3. DivaMoff's Avatar
    My volume does the same thing; but, interestingly, I have an additional ringer issue. I downloaded some ringtones and notifications via the Android App Market and, since applying one as my "default ringtone" I experience this: it works at first, then for a few hours... then, when my phone sleeps or when I turn it off/on, the ringtone doesn't play. At all. I've called myself several times to test it, and I've changed ringtones to those organic to the settings (e.g. the TMo ringtone). Nothing. Still silence. Strangely, it DOES vibrate. Now, when I re-select the ringtone from my "Music" and NOT from the ringtone list in settings, it plays again for each call for a half a day or so... then goes back to silent. I don't change it to the "silent" setting; I don't push the button on the side to mute the call; I do NOTHING and the phone just decides not to have an audible ring.

    I did a factory re-set, and the same thing keeps happening. I might just leave it on vibrate since I'm in meetings a lot anyway; but this is very annoying. It's either the unit itself, a glitch with the App from which I downloaded the ringtones (which maybe messed with the ringer software itself); or a larger G2x glitch that I cannot fix even if I get a new phone.

    Getting a new unit makes me cringe, what with all the set-up I had to do to get it exactly the way I wanted it; but I might have to take advantage of that 30-day "buyer's remorse" policy, get a replacement unit, and see if I have the same issue WITHOUT downloading that particular app.

    Anyone else having a problem here? Have I made sense? I feel like it's a tough thing to explain without having the phone in-hand to demonstrate.
    05-02-2011 11:51 PM