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    ok, i just bought a note 2 barely 2 weeks ago. i love it but it seems like the Tmobile version does not have the group messaging as a native app. yes, i can SEND to multiple contacts, and multiple people gets the texts. but when one person reply in the group message, their reply goes to their individual text thread.

    My friend, that also has a Note 2, does not have the same problem as I am having. he gets the replies on the group message on his Note 2. Thing is, hes not with tmobile, but with another carrier. so is this isolated to tmobile note 2?

    i have 4.1.1, and when i tried to update, it says its the latest FW. im pretty sure my friends Note 2 is on 4.1.2

    am i doing anything wrong? as for APN, i wanted to change it but i dont even have that option. im close to just rooting the phone and working on it, but i want to stay native and not hack it. last phone i hacked was killing my batteries.
    03-13-2013 03:32 AM

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