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    I am using Note 2, JB 4.1.2 with the stock email (not gmail). My email provider is a POP3. I currently have a folder for upcoming travel plans that is stored in Windows Live Mail on my PC. These files were downloaded from the server over the past weeks/months when I had my server set to delete files after downloading. According to my internet provider, there is no way to uploaded these files back to the server. My IP suggested forwarding each file to my gmail account, but the one file I tried to do this with did not show up in my gmail.

    After much searching of various forums, it appears that there is no easy way to import these "stored" files into my Note 2. As a workaround, I tried copying these folders into: "My files/all files/storage/sdcard0/savedemails" and then viewing them in the "My files" folder. However, when I do this, the file names show up labeled with the file #, but no title. This makes it very difficult to find the file I need without randomly opening every file to see if it is the right one. Obviously this is not a good solution. I am planning to reference these files as needed to confirm my reservations during a trip to Germany. Since I speak little German, it may be necessary to show the confirmation emails which are in both German and English.

    Anyone know of a better method for getting files currently stored on my PC to my N2 in a manner that will allow me to reference them in a more efficient manner? Is there a way to create a new folder within the stock email app and copy these files to that folder. If so, would the stock email then treat these files just like any other file that is pulled directly off the server? Does the stock email only store messages in the Cloud, or are they also stored somewhere on the phone? If they are stored on the phone, in what directory/subdirectory?

    If none of the above, is there a way to get the N2 to retain the title in the file name when copying over from the PC?

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
    05-09-2013 07:52 PM

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