1. Mike Lang1's Avatar
    I just read it on the web that Google Now is being updated. I haven't seen it on Play Store yet.
    It has lots of improvements and I can't wait to get my update. There is an apk file floating around
    but I like to update it from Play Store.
    11-14-2013 12:12 PM
  2. will_solo's Avatar
    I got it some time last week. I am loving Google Now more and more.
    11-22-2013 11:52 AM
  3. MikeYuse0406's Avatar
    Mine updated on November 21st. I use it all the time.

    Sent from my Jedi X20'd Note 2 via TapaTalk Pro
    11-24-2013 07:10 AM
  4. SalixIncendium's Avatar
    If you go to the Play Store and see "installed" as below when you click on Google Search, you should have the latest version...

    Anybody got the new Google Now?-capture.png

    If it's not the latest version, you should see "update" where you see installed above.
    11-24-2013 07:15 AM

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