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    I'm so totally stumped, I don't know what to think.

    Hubby and I both have Samsung Note 2's through T-Mobile. Two different computers -- his runs Windows 7; mine runs Windows 8.

    Each of us have always been able to connect the phones to our computers using usb cables and see the DCIM folder on the SD Card and been able to transfer files back and forth to the card and computers.

    About 2 weeks ago, hubby reported that his pictures were missing on his phone. So he attempted to connect his phone to his PC and couldn't connect. Went through the whole rigamarole of updated his driver and now his DCIM folder is corrupted and he's lost all of his pictures.

    Today!!!! The exact same thing happened to me. Different phones, different computers, same models. I couldn't connect. I've done this so many times in the past as I frequent take temp photos of client homes when I first see them, or photos of various little things for work when I don't have my big camera with me.

    So today I can't connect my phone to my PC. After messing around for a while, I reinstall the driver ... AGAIN ... and my DCIM folder on my SD card is corrupted. I can see the folder through My Files, but everything in it is trashed.

    Tried to recover files using Recuva (one of my trusted go-to program) ... and yes, it says everything is trashed.

    More history ...

    I also own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet. Last week I started have trouble connecting the tablet to my PC. I wanted to back everything up to my PC as Samsung is bugging me to do a firmware update. Couldn't connect the dam#$D thing. So downloaded the new driver to my PC from the Samsung site and still can't get the thing to connect. I've always used Helium to back up everything, but now Helium says it can't connect and to download new drivers. Been there, done that. Can't connect. So tried Kies. I was able to connect once, but still couldn't back everything up.

    Today I can't connect again on the tablet either.

    And yet a wee bit more history:

    Hubby's bluetooth headset connect died about a month ago. His won't pair.
    My bluetooth headset connection died about 2 weeks ago. I have a fairly new Motorola Elite Silver. When attempting to connect, it says pairing or paired and then goes into repeat mode ... over and over again it says pairing, but it isn't.

    So I guess the question is: What has Samsung done? Or was there an Android update that we totally missed that trashed everything?

    I'm so concerned about this as I have data on the SD cards of both my tablet and my phone that I really need! And this just seems so odd that both of us are having almost identical problems on two different phones that communicate with two different computers with different operating systems. And, yes, both of us use virus protection software on our systems, etc. (different ones at that!)

    Can anyone shed any thoughts for us on this? please???
    05-06-2014 12:36 PM
  2. ANSARAHMED44's Avatar
    Faced same issue on 7th May 2014 on my note 2 N71000
    Just updated my phone to new Kitkat which released by Samsung
    After update found that phone hanged multiple time and then restart automatically, to resolve this found solution in gsnarena.com that after update u should perform factory reset and before factory reset take backup using helium software.
    I have installed helium but it asked me to connect to desktop which have't done.
    But after installation of helium within 2-3 hours my Camera folder from extSDcard/DCIM missed and found some encrypted or garbage files created in extSDcard/Andriod folder with size of 500MB to 3 GB.

    Is any body have solution to recover images using these files.
    05-08-2014 01:27 AM

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