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    My Note 2 installed Android 4.3 a day ago, and I have been having battery problems ever since. I talked to Samsung on Facebook and they told me to remove and disable some apps (didn't specify which), and I removed ones that looked like they could cause the device to restart. I disabled and removed some and so far so good. I shut the device down and now it seems to be staying down. Before removing those apps, it would restart in a few minutes after being shut down. Kind of in a Loop. When I got the phone on May 20th it had another version of Android on it and seemed to be working OK. After 4.3 was installed with all the apps that I had installed since I got the device, It kept turning itself on after being turned off. I had the device set on my table not being charged and when I attempted to turn it on in the morning, the battery was at 1%. I did not have any luck getting the battery charged. A few days ago it charged to 100%. Right now it is sitting on my table with the power cord attached and fortunately the device still seems to be off. If your Note 2 keeps turning itself on at night, you will never be able to get it to be usable since the battery will be discharged so far down. Try disabling apps that might try to turn the phone on with some kind of signal. I will keep my fingers crossed that I have the problem contained at the moment.
    05-25-2014 08:29 PM

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