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    I've had my Note 2 since June 2013, using the same 32GB SD card that was in my previous phones sg''nce early-mid 2012, mith zero problems...until today. Suddenly apps will no longer install/update/move to my SD card, even though it has about 26GB of free space. Moving the apps to my phone to update then moving them back to the SD card didn't work (it has in the past for a couple of "problem" apps). Uninstalling/reinstalling the apps didn't work. Rebooting my phone, unmounting/mounting the SD card and removing/reinserting the SD card also had no effect.

    After I gave up trying to update the apps, I discovered that most of the photo albumr stored on my SD card now don't appear in my Gallery (though a couple still show). When I go through My Files, I can see and access everything on the SD card. All apps on the SD card are still working normally.

    So...does anybody know a way to fix this? Or is it time to move everything off of that SD card ASAP, before it dies on me?

    Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 via Android Central App
    10-14-2014 04:59 AM
  2. Catpuccino1228's Avatar
    Update: I've done a little poking around, to see what else, if anything, is broken. As I already noted, I can move apps from the SD card back to my phone, but not from the phone to the SD card. I've now learned that I can't transfer ANY type of files from my phone to the SD card. And I can't move photos, music or documments from the SD card back to my phone...though I can COPY them back to my phone. Just as my Gallery won't read most of the albums on the SD card, my Polaris Office won't read any documents stored on the SD card. I can open photos and documents from My Files, but I can't do any editing...I can only look at them. Susrisingly, my Music Player still reads and plays ALL of my music/ringtones on the SD card. Alro, I've found that, while apps stored on the SD card are still working, apps that nee to read data from the SD card (such as photos, documents, etc.) can't see the majority of those files. Those apps are now also not finding some files that are on my phone.

    Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 via Android Central App
    10-14-2014 08:38 AM
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    Not sure how you were able to move apps to your sd card in the first place unless you're rooted. Neither jelly bean or kit kat allow apps to be moved to the sd card.
    10-16-2014 06:57 AM
  4. Catpuccino1228's Avatar
    I'm not rooted...wouldn't have a clue how to do that. As for moving the apps...I've never had any trouble doing it. Sme inrtalled there automatically. Others let me move them im the app manager, just like older phones...it had the "Move to SD card" option, & after I moved them it said "Move to device storage". I have 3 phones with 4.1.2 or better, & they ALL let me move apps to the SD card. My Note 2 is the only 1 having the problem, & it just started recently. & since it involves far more than just moving apps to the SD card, I'm pretty sure that the OS is NOT the culprit.

    Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 via Android Central App
    10-27-2014 02:45 PM
  5. fflwizard's Avatar
    Same here. Galaxy Note 2 stock "images gallery" lost data on mpegs and jpegs except for some are still working. Cannot access the SD card. This is after trying a lot of things that did not work. I made the mistake after 2 years of updating all the apps....fatal....!! Trying QuickPic now but think the updates screwed the image files.

    My strong recommendation: never, and I mean never, update your phone. They will say you need security updates but believe me, it is for tracking, and advertsiing and data mining and the security issues have never been a problem. After updating, I have popups and have to hunt them down and remove the app.
    05-20-2015 02:10 PM

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