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    so i got my phone rooted, and when i try to back up or install a rom, the phone doesnt bood up into cw recovery, it only seems to go into the phones recovery where i only get a few options like reboot phone, clear cache, wipe user date install package. i rooted using super one click, and it worked as i have the su icon. titanium backup works, as well as root checker says i have root access. what am i missing? any help would be appreciated. thanks for the help.
    08-21-2011 01:01 AM
  2. xolanir's Avatar
    Follow this guide and you will be able to flash any ROM you want/like successfully: [Solution Thread]Step by Step on how to flash any Gingerbread ROM. (Links Included) - xda-developers
    And then read this to make sure you're able to boot into CMW: FINALLY got gb installed, kh2 version. It s worth the trouble. quadrant score is 2000 with only the init.d fixes installed and no OC, nearly 2500 with OC to 1400 stable, market is faster, everything flies!*

    Here's what I did to start out with:

    1 on froyo, checked mounts and reset to UMMU and disabled lagfix and rebooted, listened to linda disabling lagfix. She goes throough a whole disabling routine. Then I let it boot up
    2. reboot to CWM, wiped everything. Checked mounts and lagfix again, then booted up. didn't check voodoo at first and Linda went ahead and re-enabled lagfix, had to get her to disable it again!

    3. copied contents of sdcard to computer.
    4. reformatted sd card from phone.
    5. shut phone down
    6. began steps mentioned in this thread. The deodexed KH2 rom wipes out dr. honk and cwm, so reinstalled dr. honk and deodexed kh2 several times until I figured out that if I CWM flashed the CWM dr honk kernel immediately after the deodexed KH2 and then rebooted to recovery I would still have CWM and be able to set mounts and disable lagfix. Odining dr honk after the deodexed kh2 probably works too. We can probably avoid the extra step by replacing the zimage from the deodexed kh2 with the one from dr. honk.

    Hope this helps. As always flash at your own risk. No one else or myself will be held responsible if something goes wrong. Good luck.
    08-24-2011 12:32 AM