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    Lots of threads on rooting these phones. But they are all out dated.
    I am on Gingerbread.vuvkj6 and 2.3.6

    Everything I am finding on rooting the T959V is out dated a while ago. Any help for me post the end of April?

    Please and Thank you
    06-22-2012 01:24 AM
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    here is how to root:
    [Tutorial] How To Root Galaxy S 4G & Deleting Fota Files - xda-developers

    if youre looking to root and get cwm on your phone use this:

    [ODIN+CWM] GB Ext4 Starter Pack (Nov 24) - xda-developers

    it takes only about 5 or 10 min, and it will give you cwm and root. i had to do this to my gs4g last month since i bricked it trying to do some stuff to it.
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    06-23-2012 03:31 AM
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    Thanks Hawk,
    I will have to sit down and play with this. Appreciate your time and effort.
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    06-23-2012 12:10 PM
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    np. just make sure to follow the directions exactly. i made a really supid mistake of putting the kc1 files and kj6 and the same folders and one of the files copied over the others and screwed the whole thing up (would boot into cwm but nothing else). So make sure to create two different folders for the kc1 and kj6 files, and follow the directions to the letter and you will be good to go.
    06-23-2012 11:53 PM
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    I am trying to root my GS4g t939V and I got hung up in superoneclick. Essentially nothing happened. My computer security software recognized the rageagainsthecage file as a virus and deleted it so I tried psnueter. Any ideas? I tried to get an updated version of SuperOneClick but the link was broken...does anyone have a legit working link?
    07-21-2012 06:36 PM
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    sos710m- just follow the instructions at either of the two links above and you will be rooted.
    07-22-2012 09:31 PM
  7. sos710m's Avatar
    I followed the first set, the second link scares me being a noob. Is there an issue with the rage file? If I turned off my virus protection and downloaded it again, could I be screwing myself? It seems people are having very good results with super one click and rage.
    07-24-2012 11:12 PM
  8. hawklet00's Avatar
    Just follow all the steps in the sencond link. There should be some videos showing you how to do it on YouTube. Superoneclick really doesn't work that well

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    07-25-2012 12:55 PM
  9. sos710m's Avatar
    07-25-2012 09:42 PM
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    no problem. i dont meant to come off as a ****. i remember looking at odin and thinking wtf, im going to brick my phone using this. but i read, reread, and read some more, and then looked at videos on youtube. then i tried it and found out that its not as hard as it originally looked
    07-27-2012 10:44 AM
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    Good to know. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, hopefully this weekend.
    07-27-2012 12:44 PM