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    i apologize for this being so long. the short version is that my phone wont read my SIM card and when i switched the SIM card to prepaid phone, it worked for a day and then it stopped working too! can the SIM card corrupt the new phone? what is going on here?

    I have a T-Mobile account and use a Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone. I have had the phone for over a year and it is suddenly not working. It seems to be unable to read the sim card. The device works generally but it wont connect to the network. It will connect to the internet wirelessly when I am at home. The phone is in great shape with no water damage and it has not been dropped or damaged in anyway. My partner has the same type of phone. We are on a family plan and she has had no problems with hers. here is what I have tried so far.

    Timeline starting on about Saturday:

    Phone froze while using it. Would not respond in anyway and had to remove battery to power off. When I turned it back on, there was no network connection. In the toolbar at the top of the screen, where there will normally be an indicator showing 4G or E (edge?) there was a circle with line through it.

    Swapped sim card with partners phone that was having no problems. My sim card worked fine in her phone, but my phone still not connecting with her sim card. Swapped everything back.

    Took phone to T-mobile retail store. Employee looks at my account on his computer and says you have an outdated sim card. Gives me a new sim card and phone works! Hooray!

    Approximately 36 hours later, phone freezes again and when I remove battery and power back on, exact same problem as before. The phone itself works fine. Will connect to the internet with wireless connection, but not with phone connection. No phone calls or texting. Again has the circle with line through it in toolbar.

    Go back to T-Mobile retail store. This time they dont even look at the phone, but they say you have a bad sim card reader in the device. Either you can buy a new phone for many hundreds of dollars, or put your sim card in a prepaid phone that costs $30-50. Since I am not eligible for upgrade for 5-6 months and because I have owned phone for more than 1 year (out of warranty) I go to Best Buy and purchase a prepaid phone on the TMobile network. Put my sim card in (the new one that was given to me at the first visit to the T-Mobile store) and it works just fine.

    That was on Tuesday. Thursday morning I wake up and the prepaid phone says emergency calls only It will not text or make and receive calls. It is on, and I can access my contacts and other info on the phone, but it seems to have the same problem!

    Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem and how to get myself a working phone without spending anymore money? Thank you!
    09-20-2012 12:13 PM
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    I was doing some searching on this a few days ago. its likely that your SIM tray is damaged - either one or more of the contact 'ribbons' is damaged or something worse, like the punch-down for the whole tray. its not uncommon. I believe the threads I found were on xda-developer but you might also just use 'bad sim tray' or something similar in your searches and find your symptoms described by others. it can be fixed. price varies from "time" to "$50" thereabouts
    09-24-2012 05:37 PM
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    Samsung are guaranteed for 2 years. I have had the same problem with the sim card reader and my charging port. Both have been repaired free of charge because Samsung give a 2 year warranty. My phone is 13moths old and I got mine repaired. Mines the galaxy s6
    04-20-2016 03:04 PM

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