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    hi all, tried to do some investigating on this issue, the wife has an issue with her one, the supplier was fones 4 u but as they have now gone we tried to return it to Vodafone as it would not charge, they accepted it but now want to charge us £120 as its not under warranty as they state" the device has been rooted"
    the wife bless her really has no idea of anything about rooting, I know a bit and have done a couple of s1's
    is there any way we can challenge this as there is no way it would have been rooted, having a phone under warranty with Samsung is much more appealing than a rooted fone. its never been to any mobile repair vendors or anywhere that it could have been tampered with..
    my theory is something to do with fones4u might have their own "version" of the firmware on it.. any advice will be gratefully received .
    many thanks for your time..
    02-02-2015 09:43 AM

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