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    Hi, these are the symptoms of my dysfunctional Galaxy S1 i9000 on froyo 2.2 . Have tested 3 reasonably new batteries & all lose power in a short time. Left standing off the charger, the phone will simply freeze to a black screen everytime & off button wont work- so need to undo battery for a restart. When recharged and/or rebooted the phone has no settings retained eg No contacts, no screen layout, no mobile network registered, no funtional task manager button, etc. GPS starts automatically and google prompts for data backup. No evidence of any extraneous use of battery by any particular function. Have tried new batteries, wiped extraneous apps, unloaded anti-virus security app, and then tried a total factory data reset. No luck. Phone still has ample internal memory. Can you please help fix it ? With many thanks : )
    05-08-2014 09:06 AM

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