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    Here are Getting Started tips from the Extend Your Battery - Speed Up Your Phone
    that have worked with other Androids.
    Once you get your new Android, please post your results.
    Android is a fire-breathing beast. Big bright screens and a dozen radios take a lot of power. Apps and widgets can also slow you down and steal your power. Still most Android devices can get at least 10 hours of steady use if you know the tricks.

    Batteries and Chargers
    Androids do everything but that takes power, a lot of power. Get chargers for home, work, and car.
    • Get a good car charger or car kit. Navigation,GPS, and streaming music can drain your battery fast.
    • A cheap car charger may not keep up.
    • Charging off your PC is slow because the current is cut in half. Use good wall chargers.
    Extended Batteries that may even double battery life.

    Put Battery % in Your Status Bar
    Battery Status (free, Upgraded $1) - Puts real battery % in status bar & draws little power.

    100% is not really 100%
    When your phone charges to 100%, it stops charging. Hours later it may be down to 90% or less.
    • Charge to 100%. Remove from charger for 10 sec. Plug back in. The charge light will go back on!

    Turn down the display
    That huge bright screen takes a lot of power.
    • See where you power is going: Tap Home > Menu > About phone > Battery > Battery use.
    • Set Brightness to Automatic or low: Tap Home > Settings > Display > Brightness
    • Set Screen timeout to 1 minute or less: Tap Home > Settings > Display > Screen Timeout
    • Turn animation off: Tap Home > Settings > Display > Animation > No animation

    Turn off the motor
    Haptic feedback (vibration) powers a motor in the phone to make it shake.
    • Turn off key vibration: Tap Home > Settings > Sound > Vibrate Feedback OFF
    • Turn off keyboard vibration: Tap Home > Settings > Language & keyboard > {keyboard settings}

    Live wallpaper is an app that is constantly running. Also, bright colored wallpaper makes it harder to read icon labels so you tend to turn up brightness. Part of the secret to the iPhone's long battery life is the black background.
    • Tap Home > Menu > Personalize > Home wallpaper
    • Don't use live wallpaper: Tap Menu > Settings > Personalize > Home wallpaper..
    • Try this black wallpaper.

    A widget is a live app that is always running. How many are you using?
    • First save your current layout: Tap Menu > Settings > Personalize > Scene > Menu > Save.
    • Remove widgets you don't use: Long-press and drag to Remove.
    • Certain Streaming Music, Email, News, and Social Networking widgets are especially bad.

    Avoid 4G
    4G takes a lot of power and is really only helpful for streaming HD or a big download
    • Turn off 4G :.Tap Menu > Settings > Wireless > 4G OFF

    Limit Syncing
    Even apps you rarely use may be constantly syncing. Gmail and other apps may control their own syncing in their own settings.
    • Tap Menu > Menu > Accounts & Sync and tap on an app to change sync settings.

    Turn off "Enable Always on mobile data"
    See if you still get notifications after turning off mobile data: Tap Menu > Settings > Wireless > Mobile networks.

    Turn off GPS
    Navigation programs need a car charger. Active GPS can take a lot of power.
    • Exit from navigation apps when not in use. GPS drains the battery.
    • Turn off GPS when not in use: Tap Menu > Settings > Location > GPS satellites OFF.

    Use WiFi When You Can
    WiFi uses less power than 2G or 3G.If you have no WIFI, turn WiFi OFF.
    • Turn WiFi On/Off: Tap Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > WiFi ON/OFF.

    Turn on Airplane Mode
    Airplane mode ON turns OFF your 1x, 3G, 4G and WiFi radios. You turn WiFi back on if you have WiFi service. Note that you will not be get calls or texts. If you are roaming or are in a poor reception area, you phone may endlessly search for a better signal, draining your battery.
    • To turn off phone, WiFi, and messaging: Tap Menu > Settings > Wireless > Airplane Mode ON .

    Hoarding is Bad
    Storing too many texts or emails may slow down your phone and drain power. To automatically delete old messages: Tap Menu > Settings > Delete Old Message ON and set your Text Message Limit to 100 messages per conversation or less. Some set this to 0 so that there are no old messages to be found. Also keep old emails deleted out.

    Your phone needs "Cache memory" space
    Your phone swaps data in and out of cache memory. If your have too little RAM available it struggles to keep swapping. Keep at least 80 MB of Available Space
    • Check your Available Space: Tap Menu > Settings > SD & Phone Storage > Available Space
    • Find the big apps: Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Apps > Menu > Sort By Size.
    - • Move apps to the SD card: Tap the App then tap Move to SD card (unless it's a widget you use)
    - • Apps 2 SD and Advanced SD Card Manager let you move a list of apps to or from your microSD.

    Reboot Your Phone
    If you are getting only a few hours of battery life or your phone is running slow, it is probably not your phone. An app or widget is killing you. Start with a reboot to flush things out:
    • Press and hold the power button > Tap Power off. Then turn the phone back on.
    • Daily reboots can help keep rogue apps from taking battery life.

    Battery Suckers
    Certain streaming Music, Music Players, Talk, Video Chat, Navigation, Weather, and Map apps. widgets and live wallpapers, are notorious battery suckers. In addition certain Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other apps that constantly sync over the internet can steal your bandwidth, speed, and battery life. The TrafficStats app will show if unexpected apps are using the Internet. You will be amazed what you might find. Apps taking internal resources can be found by tapping Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Running. To close a running app, tap it then Force Stop. Only close apps you installed.

    Power Widgets
    See Setup Tips and Tricks.
    Your phone may have Power Widgets to easily turn features off when not in use. There are many in the market as well:
    • Curvefish: • WiFi On-OffBluetooth On-OffGPS On-OffBrightness Level (See image below)
    Free Power Widgets - A dozen to choose from
    Volume Button Controller - Control them all in one place. (See below)
    Battery Status Bar - Puts real battery % in status bar (it's 76% in the screenshot below).

    Find the Battery Suckers
    If your battery drains fast or your phone now runs slow, turn everything off and then start turning things on until you find the problem.
    1. Reboot the phone: Long press the power button > Tap Power off. Then turn the phone back on.
    2. Save your current Homescreen Scene: Tap Menu > Settings > Personalize > Scene > Menu > Save.
    3. Turn off radios: Tap Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks. Set WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, 4G, etc. OFF and Airplane Mode ON.
    4. Don't use live wallpaper: Tap Menu > Settings > Personalize > Home wallpaper. Chose a non-live wallpaper.
    5. Remove widgets. Long-press them and drag them down off the screen. Use App Icons for now.
    6. Dim the brightness to 25% or less: Tap Menu > Settings > Brightness
    7. Reduce auto-sync: Tap Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync. Turn off ones you don't use. Slow down the rest.
    8. Use TrafficStats to see what is taking your bandwidth, speed, and battery life.
    9. Charge to 100%. Remove from charger for 10 seconds. Plug back in to make sure that it does not need more charge.
    11. Tap Menu > Settings > About phone > Battery to verify a full charge. Take the phone off the charger.
    12. Turn off the display and check the Battery in an hour. It should drop by no more than 2%.
    - If drop was over 2%, check for rogue apps: Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Running.
    - - Are apps you installed running without you turning them on? Tap apps you installed then tap Force close.
    - If drop is under 2%: Tap Menu > Settings > Personalize > Wireless & Networks. Set WiFi & Bluetooth ON, Airplane Mode OFF.
    - - Check the battery % again after another hour. The drop should be no more than 2-3%.
    - - Keep turning on apps and widgets on until you find the problems.

    Try JuiceDefender
    The free JuiceDefender app saves your battery by letting you automatically:
    • Turn off WiFi when you are not near you WiFi hotspots, like your home
    • Turn off 1x/3G//4G when WiFi is available.
    • Turn off 1x/3G/4G/WiFi and set to silent mode overnight while you sleep.
    Add JuicePlotter for history and UltimateJuice for full features.

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