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    Saw this on XDA forums. Original source is here. Kudos goes to slayher. Nice to see this happen just 3 days after the source dropped.

    !!!Use at your own risk.!!! I'll be trying this as soon as my phone is fully recharged.

    Latest Drivers and ADB here: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=gFhjdh8J


    [HOW-TO] Rooting the T-Mobile SGH-T989 (SGS-II)via ODIN

    Ok guys, what you have been waiting for. Lets get some rootage.


    This installs CWR onto the phone. Once you boot into recovery you can flash files, files that include root!
    The file doesnt mess with boot, so there should be no bricks from flashing this file.

    First Things you need:
    1. ODIN V1.8.4 or greater. (google it)
    2. The correct drivers for windows (Samsung Kies - Google It)
    3. This file CWR ODIN for T-989 Here goo-inside.me - clockworkmod downloads or http://crackflashers.com/b1six/Slayh...w-hercules.tar
    md5sum - 8bf6802a84d85aa7da0c1976c0f129d1
    (yes I know its cmw versus cwm)
    4. Superuser.apk and su from here
    5. SDCARD installed for CWR
    6. Guts/balls

    And here we go:
    1. Make sure windows recognizes your phone in ODIN.
    ---- adb reboot download
    -or- Turn phone of, and hold both Vol up + Vol down, and plug the USB cable in.
    2. Select the PDA button and browse to the recovery-cwm-hercules.tar
    3. Select Start
    4. It should flash the file to Recovery and reboot the phone.
    5. After it has rebooted, mount USB storage and copy the Superuser zip to the internal
    <sfsilicon: in my case I had to copy it to the internal sdcard to have the install complete w/o errors>
    6 Reboot into recovery
    --- adb reboot recovery
    -or- Power off phone, unplug USB, Hold Both Vol up + Vol down and Hit power
    7. Select Install zip from sdcard, choose the superuser zip and let it finish.
    8. Reboot!

    Have fun!

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    10-19-2011 11:51 PM
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    Completed the procedure. I have root. Note that I had to copy the su.zip to the internal sdcard and install via CWM from there to avoid errors. Please visit the XDA forum thread. Lots of folks posting their experiences there and also providing help.
    10-20-2011 02:30 AM
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    Thank you for the post.
    10-23-2011 02:05 PM