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    So let me see if I understand this. I thought I did understand until I read a thread on my phone earlier which I lost.

    So here goes. Unlike other Androids, the GS2 and a few select phones list the phone storage and external sd storage separately when connected to the PC

    The phone storage is called SD, while the sd card I bought is actually called External SD ??

    When you download apps, it automatically stores the main app files in the 1 gig of the memory, and the rest of the data is in the 16 gb storage part (16gb - what is used for the OS)

    You, I, we can move some apps to the external sd card, if we choose, but some apps may not run so smoothly .... I forget why they said. Either if they are related to media OR because there will be my media on the sd card which affects it.

    I can place all of my music videos etc on the sd card.

    My questions are this.

    1. Do I understand the BASIC gist of what I stated above. If I am not too far off, don't worry I will easily get confused.

    2. If I choose to have apps stored on the sd card, IF I CHOOSE, isnt' there a setting to do it, and I don't mean to go in one by one AFTER they are installed and move them.

    3. In that other thread I read, it mentioned about "syncing music" I don't know what that is or how to
    do that. All I do is plug in usb and copy and paste. A MUCH preferred way for me over my friends with Verizon and all of their apps you have to use to do it.

    So with that being said, how do you sync in the way they are speaking of. And they were saying that as you were syncing, music folders would be created. It was always explained from Google reps themselves, who made it simple for me, that I should create these folders-- Media/Audio/ Music--Ringtones and Notifications inside (and alarms too)

    That has always worked, so I am assuming that is correct. Now the syncing they were speaking of, this will make those folders for you when you sync. I am thinking that there has to be some manual work done, as I do, as the phone would not know which music was music, tones or notifications

    Last, and I thank anyone for helping or even reading this, is it true that if someone does NOT have an sd card, and it is put on the phones storage, you can find the music and play it, but the phone OS itself can't recognize them as music, allow you to choose them when selecting a ringtone or sms tone??
    11-08-2011 03:10 AM