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    My cappy got stolen and I was having problems with ATT. So I switched to T-mobile and we shall see. Now my only problem with the phone is, there is a transparent blue bar on the screen. This happens in the browser when I touch the screen to move the page in different directions. It looks like the end of the white boarder. It happens to all sides depending which direction I am going. It protrudes about half an inch onto the screen. Becomes very annoying after awhile.
    Im going to bring the phone back just got it yesterday, but I wanted to know if this is normal before I do. This is only doing it when surfing the web. Its not doing it now has I type to add this and i go to the edge.
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    11-27-2011 09:21 AM
  2. Jdm4292's Avatar
    Yes its part of gingerbread. When you reach the end of the page the blue washover comes up to let you know its the end. My 2.3 Droid x has the same feature except in ugly white and my tbolt in black.
    11-27-2011 09:39 AM
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    Thanks guess Ill have to get use to it
    11-27-2011 10:31 AM