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    DARKSIDE-CM7-Hybrid is built and compiled from CM7 source code with lots of the CM7 extras and other assorted bloatery removed + a custom kernel & numerous tweaks and optimizations added in. It's sleak, it's mean, and it's fast.

    Thank you to: Infinitybiff, XxKolohexX, ChromerSmith, Kingklick, Firerat, Cyanogen, HTC, Samsung, Google, Dumfuq, Houka420, The Entire CM Team and contributors and of course the guy that made this all possible JesusFreke. We wouldnt be where we are now if it wasnt for him.

    Release Name: Darkside-CM7-Hybrid
    Release Version: V. RC1
    Base Firmware: 2.3.7
    Kernel Verison: Synergy CyanogenMod 7 Edition V0.03.1
    Recovery Required:


    - Download the ROM

    - Boot into recovery

    - Wipe data

    - Wipe cache partition

    - Wipe dalvik cache (under advanced)

    -Optional go to mounts, and go through the list formatting everything. If you format your sdcard you will loose everything on it.

    - Install from zip / choose zip from SD card / flash it!!

    - (optionally) You can let the phone settle for 1-2 mins on initial boot up. IF you are using setCPU, I strongly recommend a fresh reboot and a 1-2 minute settle before auto detecting clock speeds. (see below for more details)




    Known Issues:
    This is an Alpha Build, so these are the things that we found in our rigorous testing. Most these things you will not even notice during your daily use. Trust me its a daily driver still. !!Please!! dont mention/complain or gripe about these issues, yes we know they are broken and not working hence why they are listed just deal with it. You are the one that wanted to try a test build.

    Call Sound doesnt work when GPS is turned off - Temp fix leave GPS on
    Thank you Sammydr10, for your work finding the GPS fix for audio.
    USB connection of SDcard needs to be fixed - Temp fix is use mount sdcard in recovery/use Auto Mount SD app or do not switch to internal memory in CM settings, use the sdcard (which is done by default).
    Mounting of emmc - Temp fix use Root Explorer
    Netflix freezes - Nothing yet
    Any other launcher is having FC problems
    Gallery is a bit laggy at first, and may not rotate- toggle orientation/use quickpic for gallery.
    When listening to music and receiving a notification, volume does not return to previous levels- 1.Toggle volume buttons 2. Put phone on vibrate/silent while listening to music 3. Temp fix for the notification while listening to music is to turn off notification focus under cm settings. - Fix found out by mstrk242, Thank you.
    When using a lockscreen gesture to open directly to camera, the viewfinder looks all wonky and green. Enter gallery and exit and camera will look normal again.
    Google music will not stream on 4g it does stream over wifi- Not sure yet.
    In quickpic when when attempting to rotate an image to edit it causes force close. - Looking into it.

    Download ROM:
    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    12-29-2011 10:22 AM