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    I have my work e-mail (exchange) set up using the e-mail client. It is extermely slow. If I open the client it takes 12 seconds to show anything, just keeps saying refreshing. Takes a long time to open an email, if i delete it it takes 10 seconds to regresh the screen again. Gmail client is fine.

    Called Tmobile business tech support. She said that email client implementation by samsung is bad and there is nothing thay can do.I had an HD2 both with Win Mobile and 6.5 and Win mobile 7.0 also had HTC desire Rom on it at one time, they all handled echange e-mail fine. When i told her that she said the HTC has better exprience in handling exchange e-mail as they also make Windows phones ( LOL).

    S2 does everthing good except email, Can't understand How 2 years old phones / Roms have better implementation than so called superphone.

    you also can multi select emails for deletion only

    Hope fully ICS update solves the problem, anyone have any solution for slow email client?
    01-09-2012 03:04 PM