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    Hello everyone! First time posting.

    I currently have a (jailbroken/unlocked) Iphone 3g and I love the fact I can completely customize it and load up all the apps my iphone can hold. However, my 3g is old and can't handle the new firmware jailbrakes. It laggs terrible now. Plus it's painful to browse on edge speeds, never being able to go up to 3g/4g speeds.

    I'm starting to research on possibly getting a galaxy S II so I have a few questions I hope you all in this community can help me with.

    1. Is "rooting" the same thing as "jailbraking" ?

    2. Does that mean you can fully customize it and hrmm...."obtain" apps for free?

    3. Once successfully rooted, is it possible to go back to factory settings or restore specs?

    4. Pull the trigger on a S II for $239 now or or wait out for the rumored S III coming out. Is that the reason Tmobile is selling the S II so cheap now??

    5. Is there a date or time frame the S III is coming out?
    02-25-2012 05:14 PM
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    In answer to all your questions except for #5....

    Yes rooting is the same as jail breaking... Rooting allows you to have what we call SuperUser Access to areas that are otherwise locked up to the normal user. By this we mean /system/ areas of your device which handles all the actual OS and related files.

    It also allows you to run applications that require root access like screen shot apps, backup & restore utilities, free wireless tethering on most devices/carriers and other neat things.

    As far as free apps, rooting doesn't mean that you can get an otherwise paid application for free. That is not what its meant to do, only means that you have access to applications otherwise useless to normal "un rooted" users like I mentioned above

    Yes you can restore back to your factory settings in the need of repair/service/selling or just get sick of rooting... Every device has its own little method of doing so...

    Last, yes all devices will drop quickly in price if its rumored to be replaced by a newer model...
    02-25-2012 05:25 PM