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    I just recieved my mugen battery for my tmobile galaxy s2 and when i try to charge it i get the battery icon when it is off with a yellow triangle by it. Then I tried to turn it on and the charge went from 50% to 21% after charge. I then tried to charge it when it was on and the charge stays at 21%. Is it that i have to calibrate it or something first. When i first hook the charger that came with the phone up to the phone it shows the regular battery charge for a second then goes to battery with yellow triange when off and when it is on it shows the charging symbol on the little battery indicator for a second and goes back to regular battery. I tried to make sure it was connected right and tried to take battery out. It just wont charge the battery and yet when it is on it stays at 21%. I bought a regular samsung battery charger and it does the same. I dont know what to do at all? pls help


    p.s. why dont cm7 rom links work anywhere anymore, did the gov do that much with upload sites? If you have one that works still give here.
    03-25-2012 01:32 AM
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    sorry actually turns out you have to manually mount the battery so theres better connection from battery to phone not just charger to phone. but still missing the cm7 though that would be nice to figure out.
    03-25-2012 02:08 AM