1. surfbug's Avatar
    I was blackberry for 6 yrs

    Getting used to the system android

    Starting up google ordring

    Its not working

    Im glad to be here and wil read the nooobie threads

    But get ready for the dumb questins!

    Like screen saver comes on too quick and how do I get the keys to vibrate?


    04-28-2012 11:03 PM
  2. carracerz14's Avatar
    Uhm.. what?

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    04-28-2012 11:04 PM
  3. omgnoname's Avatar
    ok if what i think your saying is that your screen turns black on you too quick you need to adjust the screen timeout on it. its in your display settings in settings.

    if your talking about wanting vibrations when you touch "keys" or buttons, thats your haptic feedback. its in settings>sounds

    im new myself and don't even have this phone but i have its cousin on sprint plus those are typically where i'd look on any phone so if im wrong someone else may know.

    now apps, im completly stumped as to what you mean.

    do you mean downloading them from google play or paying for them?
    04-29-2012 12:39 AM
  4. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    Do yourself a big favor -- go through the settings and look at every entry. The ones you don't understand, come here and search or ask. You'll be very glad you did.
    04-29-2012 12:45 AM
  5. anon(156377)'s Avatar
    Uhm.. what?

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    I assume English isn't his first language.

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    04-29-2012 12:56 AM
  6. Ichi_Bear's Avatar
    Have you set up a Google account?

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    05-25-2012 10:33 PM