1. Davidl_'s Avatar
    So I went a friends house on Saturday night (8/11/12) and I missed my placed my phone. There were a few sketchy people I didn't know and they left kind of abruptly

    but I had my phone on me the whole time up until we were going to leave.

    I have the "find my droid" app but he is the problem. My cell phone got disconnected and I carried it around so I can use it when there is wifi. So texts I try and send myself don't go through.

    If anyone knows a way I can locate it without having to text it or call, your help would be greatly appreciated.

    (there was no wifi at my friends house Saturday)
    08-13-2012 10:10 AM
  2. samanthanielquel's Avatar
    Install the app called 'Android Lost'.
    08-13-2012 11:19 AM
  3. Mellimel22's Avatar
    How can he install if lost the phone:screwy:

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    08-13-2012 11:22 AM
  4. Davidl_'s Avatar
    There wasn't wifi where my phone was. So I can't download anything or text it.. I want to try and gps it but I don't know how I would do that.
    08-13-2012 01:16 PM