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    Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance. I have viewed many posts, but never been this deep in it to ask for assistance.

    Here is the state of the Device:
    1) I can not get into download mode. This isn't a key combination issue, drivers or usb. I have rooted before and know how to get the device into Download mode. It just won't come up.

    2) The OS won't load. The most I get is a brief Samsung image. Then nothing.

    3) I can get into the ClockworkMod Recovery, but it isn't entirely functional. It seems to start a process and then hang. I can do some functions like fix permissions and wipe data. It crashes on any Cache wipe or ROM install.

    I attempted to install [ROM] [08.19.2012] Hercules JB 4.1.1 CM Nightlies. After the initial installs everything seemed fine, but the JB boot screen hung. I let it sit for quite some time and the device never moved off the boot screen. Later that boot screen wouldn't appear and I got a flashing Samsung animation that would on partially animate and then die. Now I don't get any of the animation.

    I am not sure what to do given I can't get it into download mode.

    Is there a way to repair ClockwordMod Recovery V. from an SD card?

    Would booting to a Linux box help or should I just relent and get it fixed?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    08-22-2012 10:59 PM
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    Did you try pulling out the battery for 10 minutes?
    The button combo plus usb cord like you would if connecting to Odin?
    When in recovery did you try to delete cache /dalvik?
    As a last resort did you try a hard reset?

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    08-22-2012 11:50 PM
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    Ok i see you did the cache /dalvik

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    08-22-2012 11:52 PM
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    Good Morning,

    I did leave the battery out for more than 10 minutes and tried the download mode key combination. I will give that another try.

    Could you please be more descriptive in suggesting a "hard reset". Thanks in advance.
    08-23-2012 09:49 AM