1. roberts68's Avatar
    Was at Costco and they have a Samsung display.
    I watched a lady press the home button and say 'text bill I'll be home soon' and it opened up a text to bill that said that.
    Then she just had to send.
    Can we do that on the s2 with job?

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    04-18-2013 10:11 PM
  2. HNNNNNGHHH's Avatar
    Likely, as either Samsung or our great and powerful devs will port it to our handsets. Hopefully the feature isn't tied to touchwiz, as I've disliked the skin's design.

    Sent from my Galaxy SII running CyanogenMod 10 stable (4.1.2)
    04-19-2013 04:02 PM
  3. O13's Avatar
    There's apps on da store dat do da same as siri sum even better. Samsung has S-Voice which is like siri

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    04-19-2013 11:29 PM
  4. gnr_2's Avatar
    Sounds like she used Google Now, which you have if you are on Jellybean.

    Sent from my totally awesome Sprint Galaxy Nexus, even if I don't know all its secrets yet.
    04-19-2013 11:40 PM
  5. HNNNNNGHHH's Avatar
    I've always liked Google Now better than S-voice, Siri, etc. Results come in fast compared to others IMO.
    04-19-2013 11:44 PM

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