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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. I cannot use a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone while making a call over WiFi. Does anyone else have this problem?

    When on the T-Mobile network (for example, driving in a car), the S2 through the Bluetooth headset (Jawbone ERA) has excellent sound quality. And when calling on the S2 at home via WiFi connection (no T-Mobile signal at all in this house), the call quality is fine. But using or turning on a Bluetooth device and immediately the sound quality is poor with significant dropouts. And as soon as the Bluetooth device is turned off, the call sound quality returns to normal.

    Is this to be expected? Or should I expect to be able to make Wifi calls using a Bluetooth headset? Are there any settings that would reduce or eliminate the dropouts?

    Some Other Details
    Purchased the Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 and received it 01/04/13. It came with Ice Cream Sandwich installed. 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, Bluetooth connectivity, 4.52" Super AMOLED screen (or is it 4.8"? - the specs say both!), 16 GB RAM built-in, expansion slot for up to 32 GB SD card; 8 MP camera; HotSpot and USB Tethering ready

    I have no T-Mobile reception inside my home.

    My WiFi is through a Linksys AE3000 wireless-N router with dual band antennae and Gigabit Ethernet and rated at 300 Mbps wireless. The ISP is Comcast with 50 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up.

    More History - just in case you wondered...
    I switched to T-Mobile just before January 2013. T-Mobile was my first choice for two reasons - an inexpensive calling & texting plan and WiFi calling. The WiFi calling was critical as things go, for I get zero bars of T-Mobile signal here in my home in the Towson neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. My prior wireless carrier (eventually) supplied me with an antenna that attached directly to a wired router port as the cell signal was weak at my home.

    I chose the Samsung Galaxy S2 with its dual core 1.5 GHz processor and large 4.5" (4.8"?) screen - both significant hardware upgrades since the S2 had been released. It also came with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich; again, an upgrade since the S2 was released and there was potential that Jelly Bean would become available as well.

    My first S2 handset had poor WiFi reception. At home, I could maintain WiFi reception on the 1st floor but not if I went upstairs. The WiFi router sits atop the kitchen cabinets, a foot from the 1st floor ceiling. So upstairs bedrooms are no more than 15 feet from the router. WiFi reception was poor in other hotspot locations, as well. Regular power-cycling (3-4 times per week) did not affect the WiFi reception.

    Other wireless devices include 2 tablets, 2 laptops and 1 PC. All get excellent signal throughout the house.

    A master reset of the S2 did not improve the WiFi reception.

    After over four months, I opted for a handset exchange. The replacement seemed somewhat better; I could maintain a WiFi call in any room of this modest 1,400 sq. ft. 2 story house. No more warnings that the WiFi signal was almost out of range unless I walked outside.

    However, if I made a call using a WiFi connection and either had a Bluetooth headset connected or turned one on after the call began, the incoming sound would have over 50% dropouts or more. Simply by turning off the headset, the call quality would return to anywhere from acceptable to excellent.

    Any relevant feedback or valuable advice would be greatly appreciated!
    06-27-2013 05:29 PM

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