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    I just got a hand-me-down S2, which I know is already an "old phone", but it's new to me and a couple of upgrades past what I had. The person who gave me the phone wiped it all, I put in my SIM and everything is fine. No issues at all. My question is about the stuff I don't think they know they left on the phone.

    I take pictures pretty regularly with my phone. Probably a couple a day on average, and sometimes a ton more if I'm at a party or seeing a killer sunset. But even if I added up every picture I have ever taken since my first camera phone, I don't think I'd crack the 4218 pictures that were left on this phone when I got it. Not just in the gallery, but also in Cache-land in the DCIM file and a couple of other places. Some of the pics were normal enough, some you could tell were pretty personal (someone obviously going through chemo, a Thanksgiving meal, etc) and some of them.... well, they were porn. There's no nicer way to put it. I'm not a fan, so even if I didn't know the person I still would have made a shocked face and hit delete pretty quickly. The fact that I know the person and have now seen things I will likely not ever tell them I saw... well, that's just the cost of a free phone, right?

    There are all kinds of things in the "Files" part of the phone that I want to crack open and look at, but so many of them just open up with a generic number under then and then the message of "no application can perform this action" when I try to see what it is. Things like music, other pics, notes, pdf files.... there's a ton of folders. Some of them are APPs that are not currently on the phone but maybe they were at one time? I don't know. There's a folder called PicSay, ShareviaWifi, millenialmedia, and so many others. What I am trying to do is ... well, snoop I guess. How do I open things clearly stored in here, but it says no app can perform the action it needs to be viewed?? On a couple of them I tried downloading the app and then going in to open something inside the file folder with that app's name, but I still got the same message. So what do I do? No ... it's not a crisis or even important at all. Some people may think I'm being a jerk for wanting to know, but whatever! I'm not a hacker, I'm not looking to blackmail anyone, I don't even want to see any more nudity (EVER)! I just want to see if there are old text conversations or hidden gems to snoop through. It's my phone now and even if I just go through and delete the folders without ever knowing what was in them, the person I got the phone from isn't losing anything. They wiped the phone and sent it in good faith that it was empty. They don't need to know it wasn't, but I'm curious and I'm just looking for someone to give me some guidance on accessing stuff in my new phone.

    I didn't need to be this honest about what I'm doing. I could have worded it all and made it sound totally different, but I'm not into that. I have nothing to hide and I'm not doing anything wrong, so I'm just asking for exactly what I need help with. Help a Sista out, won't you???

    ~ e.[/B][/B]
    09-01-2013 11:58 PM
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    I'm sorry, but we won't be able to help you. One, it's immoral. Two, we've already asked each other if anyone knows of a way to recover that stuff, and no one does. I'm not saying there's not a way, but I am saying that a team of 10+ highly technical Android experts don't know of one.

    Thanks, and sorry. We really do appreciate the honesty, though.
    09-06-2013 09:55 AM

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