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    Hi all

    My phone fell flat to the floor on the battery side (while it was powered on). It then wouldn't turn on. I followed the suggestions on the thread below and it wouldn't turn on either. Then when I plugged the charger, the battery icon would not appear and it vibrated every 2 seconds. Then I started moving the phone around slightly at an angle while trying to insert the battery (with the charger still plugged) and the vibrating went away and the battery icon appeared. I then let it sit flat (phone was still powered off) but after a minute the battery icon went away and the vibrating started again . Once I was able to get the battery icon to show again by moving the phone at an angle while insert the battery, I immediately turned on the phone and got to the main screen without a problem. I then unpluged the charger. It has been powered on without the charger for 30 minutes now with no issues that I could see.

    My questions:
    1) What could have been damaged inside the phone with the impact? It has happened to me before about 3 times where the phone has hit the floor and then it has restarted itself just fine. This is the first time it did not restart..why? I don't think it is normal that I had to play around with the angle of the phone just to get the battery icon to show and to stop the vibrating.
    2) If no damage to the inside, is it possible the phone is programmed to not restart itself after so many restarts after an impact (to give more time to the phone to recover)?
    3) What could happen if I turn the phone off? I'm afraid to turn it off now. I'm worried about the vibrating motion it was doing when it wouldn't turn on.
    4) Should I be safe by plugging in the charger as long as the phone is powered on?

    Any other thoughts? Thanks!

    03-29-2014 06:52 PM
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    I forgot to add:

    I did not try the suggestion in the thread above of "booting into Recovery mode". Since the thread above is for the S3, I'm not sure it would work on S2. I left this suggestion as a last resort so thankfully I didn't get to that point and it turned on.

    Also I should add that I had my phone plugged in to the charger before it fell down. The battery was at about 75% before it hit the floor. I then unplugged the charger to use the phone and it just slipped from my hands.
    03-29-2014 07:10 PM

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