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    I had decided a few weeks ago to try apex launcher a try and really liked the additional features it offered over traditional TW. Shortly after installing apex I noticed my phone screen would randomly flash while looking at any application or it would refresh randomly. At first I would ignore it and then it would start bothering me. I decided to buy nova launcher since it was part of the .25 promotion (can't beat it) and I imported the apex settings into nova as well as tweaked some things with the nova features it came with. After installing and using Nova Prime, I've noticed that the random screen flashing and refreshing went away. I don't know if other people have had this issue but I thought I would post my findings after using both launchers. Nova also seems to be faster as well since you can increase animation speed to load apps faster.

    I also noticed with apex that when I would press the lock power/lock key it would hesitate before finally turning off the screen and locking the phone. I haven't noticed this happening with nova launcher since installing and using it. I'm not biased towards one or the other. I just wanted some additional features and control over TW. Let me know your findings if you've had the same issues with the screen randomly flashing and refreshing.
    10-14-2012 04:07 AM

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