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    Any help is appreciated, about to pull the trigger on this purchase but am very confused.

    This is a link to the phone I'm planning on buying : Newegg.com - Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 16GB Black 3G Unlocked Android GSM Smart Phone with S Voice / Smart Stay / Direct Call

    In the Connectivity section of the Details it doesn't list 4G at all, I'm confused and concerned about this. Tmobile's coverage chart on their website indicates that I should be getting strong 4G coverage in my area but I just want to make sure everything is going to line up with this phone if I purchase it.

    2nd question : How concerned should I be about Newegg's disclaimer?

    "Some unlocked cell phones sold by Newegg may have previously been locked to a specific carrier. A carrier-locked cell phone may often have carrier-specific applications and branding. Some of these applications cannot be unlocked and/or may not function with a different carrier. Also, applications requiring a data plan may result in data usage charges from the original carrier.

    In addition, the cell phone box may arrive unsealed and the cell phone may appear previously handled. The unlocking procedure requires unsealing the box and manually handling the cell phone. In this case, the cell phone should not be considered "tampered with" or "defective".

    3rd question : If you do a search for samsung galaxy S3 unlocked phones on newegg, you get a list with one version being more expensive than the rest and I don't understand why? Can anyone clear this up? Newegg.com - Cell Phones, Unlocked Cell Phones, samsung galaxy s3

    Thanks so much!

    12-02-2012 04:02 PM
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    If its the i9300 that's the international version which would also explain why it doesn't have 4g, I wouldn't buy it it probably isn't compatible with any us carrier. I buy PC parts from new egg all the time and I can tell you they are very trustworthy. The att model has sgh in front of the model name, like the one at the bottom of my post.

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    12-02-2012 04:20 PM
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    Actually I just looked at the second link, the information page should list compatible carriers.

    I couldn't tell you why its more expensive but yeah I just looked they are compatible with att not sure about tmobile, but it probably is.

    Really the us version despite having only a dual core CPU is reputed to be better than the international version. Touchwiz pulls about 500mbs of ram when its running, whereas aosp will pull about 300mbs. With it only having 1 gig of ram that doesn't leave a whole lot more in terms of multitasking ability.

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    12-02-2012 04:22 PM

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