1. Rockafella's Avatar
    I'm running stock except for nova launcher and fancy widgets. I have just noticed now that when I lock the phone and then unlock it, the phone is unresponsive for a couple seconds because I notice some type of sparkle animation that is happening. I have gone through all the settings and made sure I didn't have weather animation after unlock turned on or any other type of animation after unlock. Does anyone know what could be the issue? The animation looks like stars twinkling or something. I've tried changing the wallpaper to something else as well. I've gone from live wallpaper to a still wallpaper. The live wallpaper I run is ocean HD. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
    12-08-2012 03:58 PM
  2. xKrNMBoYx's Avatar
    I have never had this issue with a completely stock GS3. It could be something wrong with your Live Wallpaper, but I think the animation is coming from your launcher as that is what a launcher does (change your gui basically.)
    12-08-2012 06:53 PM
  3. Rockafella's Avatar
    Ok I finally figured out the problem. I was using fancy widgets and had the animation turned off on it. I also had beautiful widgets installed and even though I wasn't actively using the widget it was still running the animation. After turning it of the phone is responsive. That has to be a bug because if your not actively running the widget it shouldn't do that. Since I know this I may just uninstall beautiful widgets since two widgets are running at the same time. One on the home screen and beautiful widgets in the background.
    12-08-2012 11:54 PM
  4. power18002003561's Avatar
    did you batt pull
    12-09-2012 04:03 AM
  5. Rockafella's Avatar
    did you batt pull
    It wasn't an issue of pulling the battery. Notice I figured out the problem already
    12-09-2012 07:40 AM

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