1. rb29's Avatar
    I have searched on how to remove devices and keep finding the usual "press and hold device until menu pops up". Well that does not work on a T-Mobile S3. I paired with my wife's car, my truck, and headset. I rarely drive my car and every time in get in it alerts me every 2 mins or so "confirm passkey to pair with the device". I do not have the option to turn off, just to pair it or cancel, and cancel only allow it to alert again in 30 seconds or so. I have "unpaired", rebooted (it is gone) but that does not stop it from returning when I enter her car. On older Android devices I would just delete the device. But on my S3 I cannot get the option. I called T mobile and was told to : go to settings>app manager>all>bluetooth share>clear data. Ofcourse after I rebooted it was gone, until I got in the car and started it again. Still keeps getting pair request unless I turn off my bluetooth, which I keep on to use with my headset........and I have the box unchecked on the bluetooth setting screen so that it is in "not visible to other bluetooth devices" mode. Does anyone know how to delete a device permanently?
    12-13-2012 11:07 PM
  2. piizzadude's Avatar
    how about deleting it from the car as well
    12-13-2012 11:18 PM
  3. rb29's Avatar
    Great idea, Thanks. Never thought about that, but the stereo must have a memory of my phone. Now I have to figure out how to delete devices but I'm sure I can figure it out. Again Thanks piizadude
    12-14-2012 03:04 AM
  4. rb29's Avatar
    Got it. Went in and deleted it. Thanks again piiza
    12-14-2012 03:13 AM
  5. piizzadude's Avatar
    Anytime, glad you got it sorted

    Sent from my X-Band Modem... TY Genesis
    12-14-2012 03:32 AM

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