1. FreedomDude's Avatar
    Hello everyone!

    I'm obviously new to the world of rooting and I just have some questions I would like to get clarified! Well I currently use the Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile and I'd like to root my device to be able to run CyanogenMod or another ROM that would let me run a close to vanilla Android experience. Does anyone know a reliable source where I would be able to be walked through this process? like a very reliable YouTube video? Afraid to brick my device here..also I've been waiting on the premium suite OTA from T-Mobile but that wont likely be available for ages...So if i root my s3 will i still be able to get this OTA or will i be out of luck at that point?

    Thank you!
    02-13-2013 08:45 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Suggest the rooting subforum might be a better place to ask these questions. There's a step by step guide to rooting the T-Mobile S3 there:

    02-14-2013 10:25 AM

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