1. GionelIbarra's Avatar
    Specifically Germany but I will be in Belgium for some time before

    Here is the situation, I had a two year contract with T-Mobile, but I cancelled it and now I have my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I would like to take it with me over there, do I need to get it unlocked before I go and if I do, do I go to T-Mobile to get it unlocked or do I do it myself, or get the phone company in Europe such as: Vodafone, Proximus, or T-Mobile(EU) to do it?

    If I go to T-Mobile (USA) will they charge me to unlock it ? How much?

    Also if you know any of the phone companies over here which do you recommend ?

    06-29-2013 05:20 AM
  2. GTWalling's Avatar
    Yes it should be unlocked before you make the move. You can call Customer Care for T-Mobile and should be able to get the Unlock code if you meet the qualifications. Keep in mind it is currently illegal to unlock a phone using any method other than the carrier in the US.
    Unlock document from T-Mobile> SIM Unlock your phone | Support
    06-29-2013 10:53 AM
  3. Christopher Matthews Jr's Avatar
    You need to be aware that service frequencies function different in Europe.

    Most of the 3G service resides on the 2100mHz band. LTE frequencies are apples and oranges to the ones in the states.

    Tapped from my Nexus 10.1
    06-29-2013 10:55 AM

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