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    I am not sure if it is normal for the external SD to not appear as it's own drive but I can only access it by going to the storage folder. This however, is not the issue. The issue is that somehow my ROM partition is full, (I have no idea how this is happening, all bloatware is removed and not a lot of apps installed) and despite having the built in SD space and my 16gb external there is NO option to move any apps to any other sd card / partition. App2sd tells me that my SD card is part of system so it cannot move apps. I'm not sure how this happened. I'm running a T999L on the Stock ROM + Root (odexed with the wifi channel switcher). Any help would be appreciated. I tried changing ownership via root explorer around to see if it makes a difference but nothing seems to work. I'm getting a little frustrated here, I downgraded from 4.3 so I could root, and all I have really achieved is a 2,000 point drop in Antutu after removing all the bloatware even though I have an extra 600mb of ram available at all times. No other ROM works, even the ones certified for T999L. (Any Cyanogen based rom has a broken camera) and every other one I can find has some kind of feature that doesn't work that I'm not willing to overlook. I wish I knew how screwed I was by getting the late blooming LTE version of the s3 before I bought it. I expected to have tons of awesome well polished ROMs given the s3's popularity for so long. Instead, I lost my warranty in exchange for lower performance and no custom ROM lol. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Also, If you know how to fix the camera issue with cyanogen based ROMs please let me know!
    01-29-2014 08:11 PM

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