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    When I go to change the ringtone for my alarm via the stock clock app, EVERY ringtone shows up 4 times! Only 1 file name is the correct file name. For example:

    Spirit In The Sky
    Spirit In The Sky
    Spirit In The Sky

    The last one is the correct file name. Yes, this is visually annoying, but I think it's somehow affecting the storage space on my phone. I jumped from using 2-3GB of storage space to only having 2-3 GB free?!

    I'm on my computer and don't see any files that show duplicate ringtones. All my ringtones are from Zedge so that's the file where they're all stored. I don't have any ringtones elsewhere in My Files.

    I opened the Clock app to see if there was cache I could clear, but it says 0.00 cache. Any other suggestions on how to clear these out??

    04-01-2014 04:31 PM

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