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    I am having a problem with several of my FB contacts syncing with my phone’s (HTC Amaze) address book. I posted the following in a forum, maybe someone can help me since I cannot seem to troubleshoot this issue.


    I have one friend from Facebook that just won’t sync with my phone. I have removed her, added her back, resynced and nothing. I have restored my device twice, and still nothing. I have removed Facebook from my phone, I have cleared the data in the application settings, I have uninstalled updates, I have done a soft-reboot, I have done a hard reboot, I have rebooted, signed back onto FB in HTC Sense and STILL nothing. I have done everything that I can think of. I have used two programs (SyncMyPix + google contacts sync), but her profile just won’t show up in either program to sync to my phone.

    All of my fb friends are linked according to their Google contacts in my address book. The contact in question is linked. HTC suggested I sign out of fb, clear everything under Facebook in applications, reboot the phone, then sign back in. However, HTC sense doesn’t always sync. So I use a program from heartofangel.com and an app on my phone called SyncMyPics. When I launch and sync using that latter on my phone, everyone syncs, except for this particular fb friend. When I look at the results, she’s not even listed in those results. When I use the Google contacts program from google contacts sync, every fb friend populates. When I scroll down to hers, she’s there, when given the option to re-link her Google contact to facebook contact, it doesn’t appear she’s a friend of mine on Facebook. I’ve removed the Google contacts and syncmypics apps on Facebook, then relaunched the apps, then allowed permission again. Nothing works. Does this make any sense?

    She is definitely a friend of mine on fb. She has not unfriended me. She shares her email on fb, but not her phone #. She’s showing up as Google and Facebook (linked together) in my address book. It’s just with other syncing apps/programs, she’s not showing up with those. It’s the weirdest thing.

    What on earth could this be? Any ideas?

    I am going to post a couple of BLURRED out screenshots of what I am seeing.

    03-22-2012 01:43 PM