1. wezra's Avatar
    We had a discussion some time ago about issues that were being reported with the Amaze and automobile Bluetooth systems. A lot of forum participants reported a variety of problems... including myslef. Several examples were: once paired the headphone icon would show up on the phone and you could hear the individual on the other side of the call, but they couldn't hear you; the phone kept turning on and off the car's Bluetooth system... the car's system was sent into a perpetual search for the phone; it would pair for only a few minutes then cancel the pairing automatically... on and on.

    I had worked directly with T-Mobile in identifying some of these issues as my Amaze and car seemed to exhibit all of them at one point-in-time or another. Finally, HTC and T-Mobile acknowledged that issues did exist with the Bluetooth software and car systems. That a fix was being worked on. Speculation was that HTC would wait until ICS to fix any major issues such as the car Bluetooth problem.

    Well, I have recently updated to the leaked ICS software and suddenly the Bluetooth problem with my car has gone away. It works perfectly now. As a matter of fact, the audio quality is so good that people I speak with while in the car mention how good it sounds.

    Although I don't know this for a fact, it would seem that HTC did wait until ICS to fix the Bluetooth issues with the Amaze. All I can say, at least for me, the problem no longer exists with ICS. Finally... it works the way it should!
    05-03-2012 12:39 PM
  2. Bidaci's Avatar
    I've had an ongoing issue that when my car BT connects to my Amaze it would turn the media player on. I could manually turn off the media link but it would keep turning back on. Did you have this issue and if so is that fixed? It makes it almost not worth using the BT in the car if it will keep turning on the media player.
    05-03-2012 07:08 PM