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    I hope someone can point me in the right location. Today marked the release of the ICS update for the T-Mobile Amaze 4G. I possess the phone now for the last 4 weeks after buying it online. It is unlocked and I am using it on the local network Vodacom. My phone has picked up that there is an ICS update for the device and ask me to update.

    Problem is that in South Africa we do not have open and free Wi-Fi like in other countries. Therefore I must either use my data bundle to download the update which is way inadequate (broad-band rates are high here) or I must download the update from an available website on my PC and then copy it to the device and perform the ROM update.

    I went to the HTC site and it default me to HTC and this site does not have a download page for the Amaze 4G ICS update which is understandable as the model is not launched officially in our neck of the woods.

    If anybody has URL that I can go to for download of the official ICS ROM I will be so grateful.

    05-21-2012 10:02 AM