1. jtkknj's Avatar
    Can I root my phone using ONLY adb commands from CMD prompt?
    I have a long history and something is wrong with my phone where I cannot see the recovery or hboot screen.
    I have completed everything to the T. I however cannot install SU which is required
    in Hassoons All In One Kit Perm Root.

    Can someone tell me how to do this?


    1. Cannot see Recovery or HBOOT because of display issue, ongoing 6mo problem.

    2. Bootloader unlocked through HTC Dev

    3. Can flash all the recoveries I want through ADB commands but I cannot see them to actually use them

    4. Need to root this phone somehow

    5. Phone is S-ON because root is a pre-req to S OFF

    6. Cannot flash custom rom through fastboot commands but would love to just flash a custom ROM that is rooted if I was able to.

    Need someone to help and I will compensate you, I have been battling this on and off for 6 months.
    02-18-2013 09:25 AM
  2. ChromeJob's Avatar
    What would root do for you when you can't see the screen. It sounds like your screen is kaput. Time for warranty replacement or a new phone.

    But if you want a solution, I believe ADB has an install option to install an APK. Do it that way.

    If you can adb shell into the phone, maybe the shell has an install command, but I've never looked into it.....
    03-23-2013 05:58 PM

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