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    Hey guys I recently got the HTC One and it has been problem free for the first few weeks. However ever since yesterday I noticed that my phone does not receive any calls or text message when I am at home. All my other family members' phone works perfectly fine when they are home, although none of them have the HTC One. I have tried turning wifi on and off and it doesn't make a difference. I did notice that I am able to make outgoing calls and after I make an outgoing call I am able to receive calls and messages for around 5 minute before the phone will no longer be able to receive calls and messages again. I have also tried doing a factory reset and it worked through the day, but then after a day it reverted back to not being able to receive calls and text messages. I just returned from my uncle's house and the phone was working perfectly throughout the time I was there, but once I got home it stopped working again. I am wondering if anyone has ever had this problem before. Thanks!
    07-05-2013 12:07 AM

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