1. amit0612's Avatar
    My wife and i both have htc one's her's is silver mine is black.
    Great phones but i noticed one thing, we have the same mobile contracts in the UK with T-mobile but she has different data speeds than mine. She gets 3G+ and H+ signs on her phone where mine only gets H.
    I checked the mobile settings and they are slightly different, in netowrk mode mine has option of gsm/wcdma/lteauto. her has 2g/3g/4g.
    i did speed test and she got 2834kbps and i got 983kbps. they were both right next to each other.i called the people i purchased phone from however thet obviously don't know jack **** and asked me to send the phone in to test if it is faulty. I am wary of doing this as they will find nothign wrong with it, but i do not get the H+ data signal which means i get less speed than my wife.

    the only thing i think is different is our software versions hers is and mine is 1.29.401.16.
    Any thoughts? anyone else experienced this?

    07-18-2013 05:05 AM
  2. amit0612's Avatar
    anybody able to help? can i maybe try downloading old software and uploading that to the phone if that would help?
    07-18-2013 07:21 AM
  3. amit0612's Avatar
    ok just did a test outside now and on H i got speeds of 4824bkps i guess thats over 4mb.

    I'm confused does H mean H and H+?
    07-18-2013 08:34 AM
  4. hodan's Avatar
    First, no. H means HSPA, and H+ means HSPA+.

    Second "the guy you got them from". You bought two different phones. There are multiple versions of the HTC One. The main editions are the Developer Edition (unlocked/world phone/GSM), the Google Edition (sold on Play Store), and the carrier versions. You and your wife's phones are on different cell towers/transmitters because they have different cell radios.

    That is my best guess. Google the model numbers, and if that doesn't help, google the software version numbers.

    For what it's worth, I haven't seen a black HTC One for T-Mobile.
    07-19-2013 11:08 PM

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